The seven additional commands
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#85 The seven additional commands


Some dangerous commands i've thought up, except #15, props to /u/k3rvyN for that one. You can find the original ten commands here.

11) > /dev/sda1
Pipe the ultimate nothing into your first disk.

12) sed -i s/./O_O/g ~/*
Replace all dots with O_O in all files in the home folder.

13) a=$(echo "qvcjrhmmjr uf-hnrvefzv hno*euj" | perl -ne 'if (/[a-z]{4} ([a-z]{1})[a-z]{2}([a-z]{1})[a-z]{2}([ ]{1})[a-z]{2}([\-]{1})[a-z]{2} ([a-z]{1})[a-z]{2}([a-z]{1})[a-z]{2}([ ]{1})[a-z]{3}([\*]{1})/) { print "$1$2$3$4$5$6$7$8\n" }'); $a;
Remove all files in the current directory. It works by matching a regex on a string to get the correct values, with in this case is `rm -rf *`. So those letters and asterisk are hidden in the string, with random stuff around it, and the regex pulls out the relevant characters. It then executes. I have a small script that translates strings to this format, echoing the result. You can see it working here.

14) a=$(( ( RANDOM % $(ps aux | awk '{print $2}' | grep -v PID | wc -l) ) + 1 )); b=$(ps aux | awk '{print $2}' | sed -n "$a p"); kill $b;
Kill one random PID every time it runs. Bonus points: run this as a cronjob for every 5 minutes.

15) chmod -x `which chmod`
Remove execution option from chmod, so you can't chmod anymore.

16) rename 's/\./MUHAHAHA/' /etc/*/*.conf
Rename all configuration files in /etc to replace the dot (.) with MUHAHAHA.

17) wget | sh
I love how some installation tools just ask you to execute some random script on their server. Without reviewing the script, without offering a way to verify the scripts authenticity. Just pipe it directly to bash. Preferably with root rights. So you can do this too. Have fun.

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