Top 11 Programmer Annoyances
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#19 Top 11 Programmer Annoyances


I can imagine the sheer horribility of this list can be disorienting. I have you covered. A small breakdown:

The only good piece of advice you can take from the Dark Ages. Stay away from it.

2. Horribly designed APIs
Being forced to work with ridiculously retardedly designed APIs of third parties. The kind of APIs that force you to continously do weird shit. The authors of the APIs were either extravagantly incompetent, batshit fucking loco, or high as a kite.

3. Irreproducible issues
The error message is in the ticket. Can't get more info on the behavior before the error. You confirmed that the error message comes from your system. How in the flying fuck of bat-loving toasterhuggers did they cause the fucking error?

I can't decide whether a low, steadily burning fire should bring its slow and painful end, or rather a very fast combustion - the proverbial "blast to the past".

5. Changes in features just finished
Requirements came in. Signed off and everything. Few days later, you implemented it. The same afternoon you pushed the last of your changes, requirements change. Bonus points: "we just have this small change". "it's not small. I have to re-do everything". "sorry. let's do better next time.".

6. Interruptions
Getting into the zone can be a bit tricky. Interruptions while programming are rarely welcome.

7. Retarded code
I hope I don't have to explain this one. If you're not sure why this is here, please talk to someone about it.

8. End users
You know what they say: The perfect job would involve not having any customers. Same goes for software and end users.

9. Tight deadlines
If you don't know why this is here, don't quit your job.

10. Differences in environments
The entire shitfest that comes along with environments. Environments, as in test, qa, staging, that one. Whether it's different system setups for back-ends, or changes in APis in certain environments, or different behavior in apps based on the different configurations.

11. SOAP
Seriously though, SOAP can die in a fucking fire.

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